Wowow anime Mahou Tsukai Tai! Vocal Collection [there's more, but I can't read the kanji ^_^;]
the CD cover
ISBN number: TYCY 10023
Ever-Anime Bootleg's number: A8-1073


Brief Overall Description:
I first found this CD in bootleg form, and I picked it up without any research. Big. Mistake. The original cd consists of 9 tracks, made up of vocals from the TV series and the OAV's. The bootleg has 17 tracks, 4 of which are repeated from earlier on the CD (and a couple slapped on from other mtt cds). The layouts of the inside booklet and the back side aren't nearly as nice as the original. I highly recommend supporting the original CD, but I'll have information up here about both.

Track List
  1. I Wanna Do More
  2. Over the rainbow
  3. Kitto, kitto...
  4. One Way True Love
  5. Marshmellow Yakero
  6. seiya ~ kin no SUUPU ~
  7. Should I do?
  8. Senobi o shite Follow You
  9. Mata Ashita
    from here on are the remaining tracks on the bootleg
  10. Mahou Club no Uta
  11. Ohayou Jeff-kun
  12. One Way True Love
  13. Bud Girl no dokuhaku
  14. Kiite yo Diary
  15. Kitto, kitto...
  16. Mata Ashita
  17. Senobi o shite Follow You

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