Fanart: title graphic

And then a small and obscureish gallery of MTT-based fanart ^_^
In alphabetical order by artist
Work (title): Brief Comments: Artist:
Sae A CG of Sage in the club uniform. Dave-chan
Akane B+W full figure of Akane in the club uniform.
Akane Color figure of Akane in her school uniform.
Akane Color picture of Akane in the magic club uniform. Michiru
Ayanojou A portrait in his magican outfit. Completed July 13 Marie
Ayanojou Full figure, in his school uniform. Completed July 21 Marie
Sae A portrait in a t-shirt. Completed July 13. Marie
Takeo Full figure of Takeo in normal school uniform (a bit stylized ^_^;) Sae (me)
Sae Sae holding Jeff-kun. Shawn Barnes
Sae Full figure of Sae in the club uniform. Completed October 8? Tarra Nakatsu
Sae Sae in a sundress. Completed August 4th. Sae (me)


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