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A very small collection of somewhat obscure fanfiction. For more hits, I suspect or a similar gallery has quite a bunch ^^
In alphabetical order by title
Work (title): Brief description: Author:
Aftermath A story focusing on Akane after the results of OAV 6. Nae
Love, Denail, and Invisible Men A script format fic about the Mahou Club on their second summer vacation. Tarra Nakatsu
Jeff-kun Monogatari (or so it's temporarily titled). A narrative story from the perspective of Jeff-kun, and a look into his past. Luriko-Ysabeth
Mitsuha (or so it's temporarily titled). A story featuring Miyama which takes place in the Yu Yu Hakusho universe (not a crossover per say, but it uses the universe). Luriko-Ysabeth
More Than Just a Friend A short romantic story involving Aburatsubo-senpai and Nanaka ^^ Julie Farel


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