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An archive of lyric romanizations/translations to MTT songs (the OP, the ED, the vocal tracks). It's not complete but it's got a lot. This is the one section of the site I will update. If you've romanized/translated some of the songs, and would like your version posted here, it can be arranged. All you need to do is e-mail me with something along the lines of "mtt lyrics" in the subject line.

In alphabetical order by Japanese title
Title: Translation: Romanized by/Translated by:
Budgirl no Dokuhaku None Yet Sae (me)
HAATO no Tsubasa [see below] Sae (me)
[romanization above] The Wings of My Heart Benjamin Tang
I wanna do more I wanna do more Tarra Nakatsu
Kiite yo Diyarii None Yet Sae (me)
Mahou Kurabu no Uta The Magic Club's Song Tarra Nakatsu
Mashumaro Yakero Marshmellow Roasting Tarra Nakatsu
Mata Ashita Until Tommorrow Tarra Nakatsu
Mousou na Boku Delusional Me Tarra Nakatsu
Nanaka wa Itsumo Genki Nanaka's Always just fine Tarra Nakatsu
Ohayo, Jefu-kun! Good Morning, Jeff-kun! Tarra Nakatsu
One Way True Love [translation below] Sae (me)
[romanization above] One Way True Love Oroka Usagi
Over The Rainbow None Yet Sae (me)
Seiya ~ Kin no SUUPU ~ None Yet Sae (me)
Senobi wo shite Follow You Striving to Follow You Tarra Nakatsu
Should I do? Should I do? Tarra Nakatsu
Sonzai to Jikan [translation below] Sae (me)
[romanization above] Existence and Time Benjamin Tang


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